The Raindrop Massage Technique

by Crystal Parrott

Raindrop Massage Technique

Raindrop Massage
If you’ve ever had a massage or aromatherapy treatment, you will be amazed at the unique application involved in Raindrop Massage Treatment.

The specific way in which essential oils are applied to the back and foot areas directly contributes to its healing capabilities, as does the Vita Flex massage technique it involves.

In other types of aromatherapy massage treatments, it is common for the therapist to blend essential oils in the palm of the hand before applying them through massage.

During Raindrop Massage, essential oils are very carefully dripped onto specific points on the feet and spine.

The effect mimics the fall of raindrops. This allows the skin to sense and absorb each oil in the same way it would falling drops of rain in the natural environment.

Vita Flex techniques are used in Rainbow Massage to help manipulate the flow of energy throughout the body. This involves precise movements of the fingers and palms over the reflex points where the essential oils have been dropped.

This gentle type of massage is relaxing, safe and non-invasive. In combination with the essential oils used in Raindrop Massage, it is deeply relaxing and soothing.




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