Happy Clients

I have great news….we used oils to tackle Kate’s PCOS and they brought on a period after 2 years without one. As a result of that, she is now pregnant! The Dr. said “a million to one chance”……I am more excited than ever about essential oils. – Sue, Ontario

I tried your turkey roll and your beet and carrot (raw salad). So delicious! Now I am eating all my vegetables raw!! Regarding turkey roll -lots of work – but I would make it again and just layer meat, goat cheese mixture/meat etc. It would not be so pretty but it is so good! Friends at work asked me for the recipe!! – Lorna, Ontario

Hi Crystal: Exciting news! We have seen Hepatitis C, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and a mysterious liver infection all healed within the last couple months. The person with the liver infection was not expected to live, and he is now home from hospital with doctors not able to explain why!!! – Jenny, Ontario

Crystal, The kale chips were amazing!! – Eve, Ontario

Crystal, thank you thank you for giving me the courage to take one more step towards improving my health. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to follow your advice, but with your encouragement I ventured forward and ‘wow’ what amazing results I achieved. I have so much more energy now which is what I have been trying to achieve for years. Irene, Ontario

Thank you so much, you really don’t know how much you have helped me for 20 years I have suffered with eczema. My skin is so soft, there are a few tiny spots but they are slowly healing quite nicely. PS I put the oils in my Dogs ears I did this for about 3 days then this morning she kept shaking her ears you would not believe what came out of her ears and the fowl smell is gone. She suffers form ear infections and fowl smell in her ears. She seems like much a happier dog and she is not digging at her ears. – Donna, Ontario

Kate’s pituitary tumor….we used Frankincense oil across the bridge of her nose and top of cheeks several times daily as well as Ultra Young spray in her mouth….also made some diet changes…and after one month, an MRI showed that the tumor was gone. Kate’s PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome)….she hadn’t had a period for 2 years, so we used Clary Sage on her abdomen and basil on a tampon inserted overnight (she did this a couple of times) This brought on a “normal” period and she was able to conceive after that. This is a miracle baby for our family as we thought she may never have children. Sue, Ontario

I lost 17 pounds in 5 months and 20 pounds in 6 months! That was only applying 2 or 3 tips that I got from coaching with Crystal! Rachel – Arizona

The homemade mayonnaise was very delicious. I was a little hesitant to try this and figured I wouldn’t like this as I am a miracle whip user. I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious this was. I mixed it w/ tuna and even raved about it to my mother. She then made it too!! Jean – Ohio


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My changes in eating are getting better! I am not even weighing myself. So far, so good. My joint pain is a lot less. Xochilt – Texas

The food is excellent and in the mornings I am so stuffed I can’t eat anything else until about 1:30. I have had no sugar cravings, my blood sugar has been perfect with no low problems, I think I have also dropped a few pounds. Jean – New York

Crystal’s kitchen always smells divine. My favorite moments in her kitchen were spent making loaves and loaves of zucchini bread and muffins. If we had of added fish we would have re-enacted the parable of the loaves and the fishes. I can still remember the smell permeating through the house. Makes you want to get out the flour and eggs doesn’t it? – Shelle, Ontario

The zucchini muffins were fluffy and full of flavor. And, of course, the applesauce was just right, not too tart and not too sweet! Caroline – Québec, Canada

Eating healthy was hard and tasted awful most of the time till Crystal introduced me to Cooking…Little by Little. With a plan and the best recipes ever, the food really tastes good all the time. It is totally fun and easy to prepare. Most of all I feel great, sleep great and having way more fun knowing my body loves the way I feed it now! Maraloo – Texas

If a usual dry-boring-tasting-turkey tastes that good in Crystal’s kitchen, then all the rest is far above!!! C’est ben la meilleure dinde que j’ai mangé de toute ma vie entière!@ Ruth – Québec, Canada (a desperate trainee that still wonders on Crystal’s turkey recipe)

I really like my new way of eating/lifestyle. The first week I lost 10 pounds. I feel great and I had 3 cheat meals! Gabriel – Texas

Prior to coaching with Crystal I struggled with my weight my whole life, living with restricted diets that produced no results just more frustration. I had poor digestion, pain and sometimes blood in elimination, as well as difficulty sleeping. Since learning how to feed my body correctly I have been able feel better, become regular, and have more energy. My 7 yr old son is also changing his eating habits to become more healthy too and we have so much fun doing it together. Tracey – Minesotta

I love sweets of all kinds: ones with sugar, artificial flavoring and other chemicals that are so harmful. When Crystal made her very special Banana Cake for my Mom’s birthday I couldn’t believe how incredibly delicious it was and most importantly it was good for me too! Sandy – Ontario, Canada

Crystal has been trying to teach me how to eat properly for a long time now, and little by little I am learning to adapt to a healthier eating plan. I have cut out coffee and regular tea and my blood pressure dropped from 160/101 to 126/80. Fiona – Ontario, Canada

Crystal has many amazing ideas and recipes that help us eat healthy, and are incredibly tasting at the same time. Krisztina – Los Angeles, CA

Crystal Parrot should be called the Generous Gourmet because of her endless hospitality and naturally, nurturing nature. From zucchini bread to fruity muffins to salads to main dishes, this girl made it all. Her soul food was as good for the taste buds as it was for my health and my waistline, and therefore my conscience!!!. I remain forever grateful to her for stepping in when I needed help the most. Nora Fedoryak – Granby, Québec

I would like to recognize my daughter Crystal for teaching me that changing my way of eating is an ongoing process. Using the recipes in this book over the past 5 years has changed my life. At 57 years old, I was taking a considerable amount of pain killers and over the counter anti-acids. Today I have a lot less aches and pains, few headaches, no bloating or indigestion. Norm Parrott – Everett, Ontario