Raindrop Massage

by Crystal Parrott


Benefits of MassageIf you suffer from aches and pains in your back, poor posture, or curvature of the spine, Raindrop Massage is a terrific healing option.

The Raindrop Massage Technique was specifically designed to promote back health and correct curvatures of the spine.

The Raindrop Massage Technique is a gentle, safe healing option that provides many benefits for anyone suffering with back pain or spinal defects. It is also beneficial to those concerned with avoiding injury during sports training and anyone who wants to maintain good back and spine health.

Raindrop Massage combines aromatherapy with Vita Flex massage. Carefully selected essential oils are dropped onto areas of the back as well as the insides of the feet, the areas which correspond with the spine in reflexology. The oils are gently massaged into these areas where they work to align and detoxify the spine and back tissues.



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