Cooking… Little by Little by Crystal Parrott


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 Do you want to make changes that last?

This cookbook is dedicated to you, the people, who will dare to believe that their eating habits,
health, energy and overall well being can be restored to what they were
intended to be with just a few simple steps… little by little.

This book is written for everyone who is where I was thirteen years ago. From the age of 1 to 24 years old, I suffered with terrible allergies, taking allergy shots and allergy medication.

I had asthma, I was on 2 puffers, steroids and often had prolonged stays in the hospital.  I had almost a yearly stay in the hospital with bad bronchitis and sometimes pneumonia. I had chronic headaches and migraines, nosebleeds, ulcers, broken bones, cysts, low energy and 15 pounds of extra weight.

I had a peanut allergy that required me to carry an Epipen. I have not taken any prescription or over the counter medications since 2000.  I no longer have any of the medical problems mentioned above including the peanut allergy.  My goal is to share what I know with others.

This cookbook will not only give you simple wholesome recipes with easy to follow directions but you will have testimonials, specific information about how to get started on your journey, bonus information and access to group or personal coaching for your individual needs.

What you will find inside Cooking…Little by Little?

Cookbook RecipesThe cookbook recipes are wheat free, dairy free and sugar free!
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, sauces, spreads, dips and dressings, and a bonus section

Some quick and easy recipes that can be prepared in 10 minutes or less
Healthy replacement snacks for you and your family

A way to cook turkey that will never be dry and boring again!
Insights into food combining

Client testimonials
My parent’s personal weight loss testimonial

The journey of why the cookbook was written
Product information

Recommended websites
A preview of volume 2


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Look Who’s Talking…

What are you waiting for? Now, I sleep well, have tons of energy, beautiful young skin, am rarely ill, never change clothing sizes, eat loads of delicious food and never worry about my portion sizes.

The food is excellent.  I have had no sugar cravings, my blood sugar has been perfect with no low problems, I have dropped a few pounds in one week.  Jean – New York

Crystal has many amazing ideas and recipes that help us eat healthy, and are incredibly tasting at the same time. Krisztina –  California