About Crystal



“Thirteen Years ago I was a very very sick person and today
I don’t even recognize my life.” Crystal Parrott

Did the doctor ever tell you that you have a medical condition that you
will have for the rest of your life?

Crystal Parrott is the founder, owner and operator of Health Little by Little since 2006. She is a certified Photo Comparative Blood Analyst.  She is also certified in Raindrop Technique, Neuro-Auricular as well and Healing through the Feet.  She is also a Silver Team Leader with Young Living Essential oils.  She has worked with Gary Young at the Nova Vita Clinic in Ecuador as a therapist, exercise coordinator and meal planner.

She is devoted to helping others get healthy naturally one step at a time. In her business she can be found seeing clients, hosting meetings, coaching individuals, teaching cooking classes or giving a tele-class on the benefits of nature’s medicine. She believes God’s path for her is to be a resource and guide in setting individuals free of the bonds of distress and dis-ease.

From the age of 1 to 24 years old I suffered with terrible allergies, taking allergy shots and allergy medication. I had asthma, was on 2 puffers, steroids, masks and often had prolonged stays in the hospital. I had almost a yearly stay in the hospital with bad bronchitis and sometimes pneumonia. I had chronic headaches and migraines, nosebleeds, ulcers, broken bones, cysts, low energy and15 pounds of extra weight.

Through diet changes, exercise, Young Living Essential Oils and the grace of God I have not taken any prescription or over the counter medications since 2001. I no longer have any of the medical problems mentioned above. I feel great, I love life, I love God and I am grateful for my health. My goal is to share what I know with others so they can have the same results and pass it onto many more.  I  also truly desire to have an impact and influence on the young people’s health of this generation!